News and Dates

                                                     KEY DATES



  • August 1st will see the arrival of our full range of ornamental trees from Frank Matthews. There will be something for everyone and every garden: from the small patio malus or cherry to the garden-sized acers, rowans and many others. All carefully chosen for their interest throughout the year – from stunning bark to lovely flowers. Most will provide shade.


  • Bulbs will also begin to arrive in August.



  • Our full range of shrubs arrives for Autumn planting.



  • Bare root hedging, roses and fruit trees arrive.

We remain a very safe place to visit.

No masks need to be worn in the outside areas. ie. sales area and garden.

The shop is small but well ventilated and we will limit numbers in it.

We would ask that you wear masks inside the shop.

We will take cash but were possible would prefer to take a card.

Please respect social distancing when engaging with staff.

Looking forward to seeing you!