Spring 2019

Lush, alive, singing and buzzing: the garden and all its inhabitants have loved the rain and we are enjoying watching them celebrate. Insects galore are visiting as many flowers as they can, with the biggest, fattest bumble bees squeezing into the narrow, tubular blooms of the vacciniums, as hoverflies tuck in and out of the petals of the double paeonies.


House martins swoop back and forth from nests bulging with chirping babies and the woodpeckers are feeding their chicks at the top of the tallest pine. A basking lizard will soon have a nursery of young. 


A slow worm crossing the path may catch your eye.


The foliage is particularly spectacular: there’s every shade of green as well as golds, silvers, pinks and purples. All this lushness is bursting with masses of flowers.


The inula magnifica, cephalaria gigantea and cynara carduculus are racing skywards, while ligularias are competing for the prize for which plant has the biggest leaves. Hydrangea Annabelle is full of promise and none of us can resist stopping to admire Cornus kousa every time we pass it.

Cannop Crossroads, Coleford, Forest of Dean. GL16 7EQ
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